Q : Why Buy Rainbow Lamp Oil ?

A : Our high-quality lamp oil is safe, clean and convenient than wax candles, kerosene and alcohol for the reasons below:

  • 1. Stable Flame
    • When using wax candles, the position of the candles gets lower as the candles burns down. Lunax Oil Lamp using Rainbow oil lamp deliver a constant flame height.
  • 2. Safety
    • Spontaneous combustion of Rainbow Lamp Oil occurs at much higher temperature than other brands lamp oil, kerosene, or any other lamp fuel. Our Rainbow Lamp Oil is classified as combustible, not flammable.
  • 3. Clean And Low Maintenance
    • No more waxy mess. No more unpleasant odor you had experienced with kerosene lamps. No need to trim the wax wick or carve down the unburned wax. Oil lamps are convenient and require low maintenance.
  • 4. Economical
    • Comparing the cost per hour of burning, using oil lamp will save your money and time. Our most high quality Rainbow oil burns 4 to 6 hours per ounce. Achieve extra savings by buying bulk lamp oil in 2-liter PET bottle.
  • 5. Fiberglass Wick
    • We use various types of high performance lifetime fiberglass wicks. This wicking is matched to each candle design in order to achieve an ideal fame height and long burning performance.
  • 6. Functional Art
    • High quality design oil lamps are of our original using high quality material from domestic and abroad. We can ready to dispatch a Gift Set which is complete with an oil lamp and a small bottle of lamp oil. The oil lamp candle set could be regarded as a ideal gift for special anniversary, as well as a wedding or birthday gift.