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rainbow oil

Rainbow Oil as a lamp fuel, was developed in 1986 by our affiliated factory, Nippon Oil Industry Co., Ltd.

Our pure, clean oil ranging from the 12-color oil which are the origin of the brand name to the mothproof oil and the scented oil have become used today as a lamp fuel replacing kerosene.

Like other high quality lamp oil, Rainbow Oil is primarily liquid paraffin and very similar to most of wax candles in this scene, but much safer, cleaner, more convenient and less expensive.

Unlike some of other brands’ lamp fuel, Rainbow Oil is specifically formulated as its spontaneous combustion occurs at much higher temperature than the other brands’ lamp fuel. In fact, Rainbow Oil is proud of world’s top brand lamp oil ensuring you of the best quality to be met with your government’s requirement.

No more waxy mess. No need to concern about safety. If you consider what type of table lighting to be replaced, do not hesitate to choose Rainbow Oil for Lunax Oil Lamp.

characteristics of rainbow oil

Lunax Rainbow Oil cuts out emissions of soot and odour to the limit.

Odourless, soot-free, ultrapure refined RAINBOW OIL will keep your tables and equipments clean with less cleaning time.

Lunax Rainbow Oil builds up the safety to the limit.

RAINBOW OIL is, unlike alcohol fuel,"free from direct ignition" and "almost fixed at the normal room temperature" to increase the safety efficiency to the limit.

Lunax Rainbow Oil curbs the fuel consumption to the limit.

RAINBOW OIL consumes just as little as 4-5 ml per one hour burn ing time with the help of its non-volatile property.

●RAINBOW OIL's 12-color selection will help you choose your favorite color.

< Comparative table of RAINBOW OIL and other lamp fuel >

RAINBOW OIL Alcohol Kerosene
Soot-free ×
Odour-free × ×
Less explosive ×
Less flammable ×
Energy-saving ×

Many products similar to RAINBOW OIL but with the properties of kerosene are on the market