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lunax lamp

lunax oil lamp

Lunax is the most renowned Japanese brand
of Table Oil Lamp developed and manufactured by
Muraei & Co., Ltd. in 1985.

Since then, Lunax has become an innovator and
category leader to the food service and catering industry earning
an international reputation among world-class hotels
and restaurants in every kind of dining scenes.

To obtain the ultimate customer satisfaction, tireless efforts
have never been spared for designing, applying to any novelties
of ideas not only from domestic
but also from abroad.

Their wide array of products meets every customers' requests
combining fine art with good function.

features of lunax oil lamp

Burn beautifully!

Lunax Oil Lamps use the highest quality parts to secure ideal burning.

Burn safely!

Lunax Oil Lamps adopt special measures in every aspects to achieve safe burning.

Burn easily!

unax Oil Lamps are designed for an easy operation in every type of models.

Lunax OilLamps'wide variety allows you to select the best product to fit your purposes

< Comparative table of LUNAX and other lighting equipments >

Propertise LUNAX Oil lamp LED candle Tealight candle
Wavy flames ×
Flikering ×
Natural warmth ×
Soot-free ×
Odour-free ×
Fixed flame height ×
Stain-free ×