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company history

  • > 1972
    • Founded in Tokyo, Japan in July 1972, Muraei & Co., Ltd. started its operation as an export trading company for houseware products toward U.S. and other overseas market.
  • > 1974
    • In 1974, started production of high quality candlestick for H & R use.
      Then, exhibited at Frankfurt Ambiente in 1981 as a Japan’s leading candlestick manufacturer.
  • > 1985
    • In 1985, developed Lunax brand’s table oil Lamp and started its production on a large scale as the Japan’s first exclusive oil lamp producer.
  • > 1986
    • In the following year of 1986, established an affiliated oil fuel manufacturing company, Nippon Oil Industry Co., Ltd., to produce Raimbow brand’s high standard lamp oil for exclusive use of Lunax oil lamp.
  • > 2005
    • In 2005, to cope with various requests from H & R customers for high quality tableware, contracted an exclusive distributorship agreement with I.V.V., Italy for the sale of hand made glassware.
  • > 2007
    • In 2007, contracted to be a distributor with EME, Italy for the sale of stylish color handle cutlery in Japanese market.
  • > 2010
    • In 2010, integrated our warehouses into a large scale distribution center in Yachimata, Chiba on the outskirts of Tokyo.